The Cross-Fit Training Program

Image source: Used with permission.

Image source: Used with permission.

FlyLady inspiration

Part of the inspiration for this program comes from a program run by a woman who calls herself Flylady. Her real name is Marla Cilley. She's a North Carolinian who is on a mission to help people impose order on the chaos of their homes. She runs a membership program that attempts to instill habits and routines by encouraging people to take on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to strive toward the ultimate goal of having a clean and peaceful home.

EVEN THOUGH i'M A FORMER Flylady Flunkee

Here's the thing: I tried the Flylady program about a decade ago. A couple of times. It didn't work for me. I called myself a Flylady Flunkee the year I really bombed out of the program in exasperation. The small assignments to manage my home were a little too much on top of the big assignments on top of my work. I know it can be hard and it's not for everyone.

Even though I didn't achieve the perfectly spotless home (ask me about the two ADHD children who were under my roof at the time--I swear they conspired against my success!), I liked many things about the program, including that Flylady teaches that part of why our homes are a wreck is that we all have too much stuff. She preaches that all of us need to learn to live more simply and decluttering was a big part of her program. That part has stayed with me.


This FREE program is designed primarily for

  • new development professionals
  • for organizations that don't have a "development office" per se
  • for non-fundraisers who have fundraising responsibilities.

Although the program is not designed for seasoned development professionals, some who find themselves procrastinating about some of the fundamentals—perhaps because they've become kind of routine—might find the program helpful, not because they don't know to do these things, but simply because the program is about fun reminders to take care of the things that need to get done.

Fundraising programs differ greatly from organization to organization. Different nonprofits emphasize different sets of development strategies. Some rely heavily on special events. Others engage in almost no special events. Membership is a core component for some. Others don't have a membership program.

Nonetheless, there are some commonalities, some key levers or drivers that help all nonprofits. This program aims to help nonprofit professionals focus on the these fundamentals that cross issue areas and institutional size and staffing structures.

Within some organizations, the people who sign up to receive these emails might want to delegate some of these tasks. That's not only okay, that's good. Just make sure they get done that day.

All of these tasks are designed to be short. Except for the big mission challenges, these tasks should, most days, take you no more than 30 minutes to complete. Part of the idea of this program is to make an impact on your fundraising results by spending small amounts of time each day.

Not long ago, I said to Russell, “What if I could create something like that to help people achieve better fundraising results? You know: small, daily, reminders with small tasks, helping people develop habits, cumulatively amounting to change and progress?”

the program IN BRIEF:

  • 1 brief Email Reminder Each Day

  • 1 quick fundraising Task

the result (over time):  

  • New Fundraising Habits

  • Better Fundraising Results


  • It's Free:  $0


So that's the goal of the program: to help people build fundraising habits by offering them brief, daily reminders in a fun and hopefully inspirational way, asking them to take small steps that cumulatively will amount to progress in creating a viable development program.

The program is FREE. It's one email each day. You can opt-out at any time.To participate,