10 Reasons Clean Data Should Be Fundraising's #1 New Year's Resolution


Why clean data should be your # 1 resolution:

  1. Direct Mail Appeals: The results of your direct mail appeals are driven by the quality of your mailing list.
  2. Email Marketing: The open rates of your email marketing efforts are driven by the accuracy of your email lists.
  3. Donor Retention: Want to alienate a donor fast? Write “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones” to Ms. Jones who divorced lying, cheating, dead-beat Mr. Jones three years ago. I can assure you, Mrs. Jones will never, ever donate again. Ditto, if Mr. Jones has been deceased for 5 years and she’s called your office twice to let you know.

Productivity Styles and Office Make-Overs

Last week, when I took Carson Tate’s productivity style quiz, I learned that I have not one, but three productivity styles:  I’m a prioritizer, an arranger, and a visualizer. I’m everything but a planner. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect that most planning tools are made for planners. This is probably part of why so many planning tools just aren’t effective for me.

At the time that I took the quiz, I had slowly been working to re-organize my office. 

What's Your Productivity Style?

What's Your Productivity Style?

Would you like to find out? Knowing might help you work smarter.

A couple of weeks ago, Kivi Leroux Miller, the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, recommended a quiz in the Harvard Business Review on Productivity Styles. The quiz, developed by productivity expert Carson Tate allowed people to identify their personal productivity styles and then pointed to personalized recommendations for productivity tools.