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DeBrief without Finger-Pointing or Blame

DeBrief without Finger-Pointing or Blame

A friend of mine recently emailed and asked for help with a debrief. Her organization had scheduled a fundraising event that didn't succeed. In fact, the organization ended up cancelling the event because not enough tickets sold to hold it successfully. Here is some of the advice I shared:


  1. Start with self evaluation – Before the debrief conversation, give your team some questions to consider before your meeting. Some people process things slowly or need some time to reflect on how to articulate their thoughts. Self evaluation before the conversation gives them this time. Self evaluation also encourages people to reflect on their own role and to take responsibility for their part in the event's success and failure.

Your Development Plan: Time for a Check-Up

Your Development Plan:  Time for a Check-Up

About this time every year, I receive a reminder from my health insurance company to go have a series of blood tests and health screenings. For years, I’ve grumbled about going. Every year, they tell me the same thing:  you need to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise more.

After I go through these screenings, I always get a phone call from someone with a chipper voice who tells me she is going to be my health coach.  It always feels very invasive to me so I always say “No, thank you.”

But last year’s experience has helped change my tune.