Show Me The Data

Show Me The Data

Show Me The Data 2015

A List of Annually Published Research Studies & Reports on the Nonprofit Sector

This report, just released today, is a list of 29 studies—all of which are published annually, bi-annually, or more frequently—that are of interest to nonprofit professionals. These studies, for the most part, focus on fundraising and  marketing, but a few touch on other topics (like compensation) or cover a broad spectrum of organizations in a particular region or within a particular issue focus.

Budgeting for Fundraising Success

It's that time of year when many nonprofit organizations are working on the annual budget. An Executive Director friend, working on his budget, asked me if I could outline for him what types of expenses belong in a combined development, marketing, and communications budget. He wants to make sure that the Development Director at his organization has all the tools he needs in the budget to succeed. 

Kudos to him! The reality is that it takes money to make money and my friend is wise to realize that. It won't do any good to put a Development Director on your payroll if you don't also provide him or her with a budget to work with. If you want your development director to solicit major gifts, for example, you need your development officer to be able to visit your major donors, to see them face to face and, unless your donors live inside your office building, that means needing a budget for travel.

Here are some things that a Development Director is going to need funding for and a template for a development budget.