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Show Me The Data

Show Me The Data

Show Me The Data 2015

A List of Annually Published Research Studies & Reports on the Nonprofit Sector

This report, just released today, is a list of 29 studies—all of which are published annually, bi-annually, or more frequently—that are of interest to nonprofit professionals. These studies, for the most part, focus on fundraising and  marketing, but a few touch on other topics (like compensation) or cover a broad spectrum of organizations in a particular region or within a particular issue focus.

Are Your Sponsors Commitment Phobic?

Are Your Sponsors Commitment Phobic?

Do you have trouble getting your sponsors to sign on the bottom line?

Planning a fundraising event is challenging and time-consuming. You need a minimum of six months to plan an event (yes, I know it can be done in less, but it begins to get ugly if you have less time than that) and, ideally, nine months or more.

Lining up sponsorship commitments is usually something you do early in the process because that way, you can offer your sponsors maximum benefits—they can be in all of the pre-event publicity like participant registration or ticket sales and event promotional materials.

What if your sponsors delay making their commitment decisions? 

Giving Tuesday Sheriff—Start Passing Out the Deputies' Badges

Giving Tuesday Sheriff—It's Time to Start Passing Out the Deputies' Badges

If your #GivingTuesday plan includes a crowd funding campaign GREAT! Peer-to-Peer fundraising is an effective way to enlist volunteers, board members, and staff in fundraising.

As Allison Gauss of Classy says, one of the awesome things about P2P fundraising is that it allows you to reach beyond your circle of supporters to make new friends through the introduction of your existing donors and fans.

I think one of the things that people new to P2P fundraising don’t realize, however, is that it doesn’t happen automatically. You don’t set up a webpage and hit a “go” button. Your site doesn’t immediately go viral. Thousands of people don’t sign up and immediately donate and then ask their friends and family to donate. It just doesn’t work that way (Maybe ice-bucket challenge aside).

It takes some planning and some effort behind the scenes and throughout the campaign to start the engine and fan the flames.  Here are a few things you need to do to before #GivingTuesday: