A Fundraising Program's Secret Ingredient: A Plan


In fundraising, there is no silver bullet, no pixie dust to sprinkle, no incantation to chant and the only potion I’ve ever known anyone to brew entailed a strong portion of tequila. I own two wands, both pink and sporting Disney princesses, but I suspect neither contains any actual magical properties. Fundraising is about relationship building, hard work, and a good plan.

In fact, according to the Third Space Studio, it’s a whole lot more about the plan than we may have realized in the past.

When an Event Goes Flat

When an Event Goes Flat

Recently, a friend asked me, “What do you do if your fundraising event goes flat?”

My friend works for a national organization with a signature fundraising event.  She can’t just stop doing the event. Her chapter of the organization is required to use the event to raise funds every year, but for some reason, her community just isn’t having success with it. The event seems to have lost its appeal.

“So what can you do to turn things around?” she asked.

Calling Up the Reserves - #AFPFC Wrap-Up

Calling Up the Reserves - #AFPFC Wrap-Up

Many organizations have some sort of Advisory Councils.  But often these councils, populated largely with former board members or community dignitaries that don’t have time to be board members, languish, largely neglected by the very organizations that have created them. They often have no clear purpose and meet infrequently.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.