25 Things Virtual Volunteers Can Do

Millions of people spent their Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday volunteering, a wonderful tribute to a man whose life was dedicated to public service. Tomorrow morning, children will enter freshly painted head-start classrooms, people with mobility challenges will roll up newly constructed ramps, and coat closets will be able to find the winter wear they need to keep the homeless men on their doorsteps clothed and warm because someone cared enough to sort through boxes and bags of donations and fold and hang coats and sweaters by sizes.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service is a phenomenal day and what is accomplished on it annually is inspiring. Clearly, people want to contribute their time, skills, and energy to the organizations in their community. But not everyone has a day off each day to be able to volunteer.

That’s why many organizations are finding ways to help individuals and workplace teams become Virtual Volunteers. What’s more, a lot of companies and businesses are willing to allow their work teams or departments to volunteer from the office for specific times for virtual volunteering. This can make coordinating a company volunteer project a lot more hassle free.

Career Advice for Nonprofit Professionals

Career Advice for Nonprofit Professionals

In the nonprofit sector, we nonprofit professionals apply for positions in the nonprofit sector. We have experience with nonprofit jobs.  Because we’re nonprofit professionals with nonprofit experience, applying for nonprofit jobs, we assume that the people who are reviewing our resumes understand what our titles and positions mean and entail.  They don’t.  Even if we list our accomplishments, they don’t get it.  Too often, board members are hiring or sitting on the search committees that hire us. Those board members are almost always business people who don’t understand what’s involved in our jobs.

Travel Season and the Nonprofit Journey

Travel Season and the Nonprofit Journey

It’s vacation season.  Time to pack up the suitcase and jump in the car, head to the airport, or hit the highways.  Many of us are enjoying pools or beaches or hiking on shaded mountain trails.

Most people are in the mood to travel.  So why not take your volunteers and donors on a journey?

#GivingTuesday: I'm Donating My Blog

#GivingTuesday:  I'm Donating My Blog

Nominate your nonprofit organization. For one day of free promotion on Davis Nonprofit Consulting's Blog and Social Media accounts.

The week leading up to #GivingTuesday, I’ll be Donating My Blog.  Each day that week (Nov 25 - Nov 30), I’ll feature one organization that does tremendous work.  I know there are many, but I’ll only be choosing 7.