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Show Me The Data 2015

Below is a list of 29 studies—all of which are published annually, bi-annually, or more frequently—that will be of interest to all nonprofit professionals. These studies, for the most part, focus on fundraising and marketing, but a few touch on other topics (like compensation, social change, or volunteerism). The vast majority of these studies are available to the public for free. Where there is an associated cost, I have attempted to note it.

Development Planning

At this time of year, many people are engaged in the process of creating a fundraising plan. The data in the reports below can be helpful to:



  •  Decide which fundraising tactics to include in your plan
  • Understand the trends in giving
  • Identify best-practices
  • Create fundraising budgets
  • Set realistic goals by helping you know industry result norms
  • Choose metrics to use to determine ROI and measure success.

However, the reports listed below can be useful for anyone—whether in the process of development planning or not—for benchmarking, looking for best practices, or interest in knowing more about trends in nonprofit management, fundraising, giving, and connecting with donors.


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